Planning Your Event – Choosing a Tent

Pick Your Site and Tent Style

Tents can be put up just about anywhere. Outside or inside another structure. A special consideration is choosing a tent for your preferred surface-pavement, grass, sand and so on. Whether you’re going for casual or formal, our tents come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Depending on your site, we will help you choose the style that fits your vision and needs.

Types of Tents

Pole Tents

Pole tent

These cost-effective, versatile tents have mountain-like peaks in the center plus one or two rows of interior poles, creating that lofted shape. You can easily beautify and customize the interior with cloth pole and tent liners. See more »

Frame Tents

Frame Tent

These tents are versatile and can be placed on hard surfaces such as concrete and do not require staking. Sight lines are terrific in that there are no interior support poles to obstruct views or furniture layouts. See more »

Sailcloth Tents

Sailcloth Tent

A more elegant version of a pole tent, this kind has swooping lines and a translucent fabric which glows and shimmers at night. See more »

Do-It-Yourself Tents

DIY Canopy Tent

Elegant, simple and strong, do-it-yourself canopies come in both pole and frame models. Easy to install, they are ideal for back yard parties, graduations or other events where customer installation is preferred. Kits are lightweight and easy to transport. See more »